5 Tips to Motivate You

motivate cartoon character

Here are five things to help motivate you. 

  1. Make food: No, don’t throw something into the microwave, actually cook something. Try a new recipe or stick with one that’s familiar—whatever excites you the most. Food is an art form and following a recipe can be the perfect exercise in guided creativity. My favorite thing to make is four-ingredient, no-knead, artisan bread, because it is the easiest and most rewarding recipe ever. You can find it on the blog Simply So Good.
  1. Play music: Whether that means finding the perfect playlist to listen to or making your own music, this exercise can help you access a different side of your creativity. For listening, I like indie folk pop artists like Gregory Alan Isakov, Girlyboi, and Ray LaMontagne. You can also listen to Good to Go Media Radio. 
  1. Don’t watch TV: Don’t do it. Trust me.
  1. Journal: No pressure, just write. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or full of perfect, beautiful, metaphors. It may only make sense to you, and that’s perfectly fine. So often at school we only write for other people to see it—journaling can be refreshing because it takes the exact opposite motivation. Take time to write for yourself.
  1. Read someone who helps motivate you: I don’t know why, but when I feel the slump hit, I tend to avoid my favorite authors guiltily, as if they’re digruntled gods I haven’t prayed to in a while. But I find it’s a lot easier to get inspired again when you’re reading something you wish you’d written. Skip the shame and re-read the people who made you want to start writing in the first place.


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