Bike Drive for Kids

That first bike ride was amazing. There was so much freedom riding down the hill to town, adrenaline pumping and wind ripping through your hair- pure exhilaration.

Sadly, whether due to poverty or broken equipment many kids are left without a good bike to ride. Riding a bike is a great way for kids and anyone to stay healthy. A study completed by the Danish Research Center OPUS found that kids that walk or bike to school had better concentration than those who didn't. In the video above the general manager of Working Bikes describes how children need to get outside.

"Many of our youth... stay inside and watch television, they play video games. And while I can appreciate that... We want them to have physical activity with their friends again." Paul Fitzgerald General Manager of Working Bikes

Not only does the program get kids outside but it doesn't force them too. Instead, they are excited about it. One child talked about his mission with his new bike.

"[I can] ride around with my friends and we could go to the park... instead of having to walk a lot of blocks in the hot sun." Bike Receiver

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Help Your Community

Whether or not you have a local bike donation program already in place, this is a great way to give back! If you have an active community program, consider the following:

  • Gathering bikes from your neighborhood and friends to give as donations to the program. If there isn't one near you, collect bicycles from your local area (yard sales are a great resource), and then contact local schools or social workers who can match them with needy children.
  • A bicycle camp is another great idea! If you collect a larger number of bikes, consider having a time and place they can come to learn to ride their bikes safely and make sure the bikes are adjusted correctly. 

Start researching local bike programs in your area!

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