Donate Blood

 Let’s face it. Needles can be scary. But something even scarier is the thought of someone not able to have a life-saving transplant or blood transfusion because there is not enough of their blood type available. 

Why It Matters

The video above tells the story of Molly a young girl with beta thallasemia major. She needs regular blood transfusions in order to maintain healthy hemoglobin levels. Her mother talks about the difference blood transfusions make in her daughter's life.

"Molly is really fatigued without a transfusion. And then after her transfusion another kid comes out. I know what her life would be like without blood donations-she wouldn't live." Molly's Mother

Molly talks about her dreams for the future as well as how much the blood transfusions help her in day to day life.

"When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I like to teach in my bedroom and teach my stuffed animals. When I get my new blood I feel better." Molly

The sad fact is that The Red Cross needs about 80,000 units of blood a day, but only receives about 36,000. People often think “someone else will do it” or “plenty of people donate”. But the truth is patients are in extreme need of more donors.  Blood donation does not have to be a one-time event either. By donating at a safe time period of every 2 months you can help hundreds and or even thousands of lives over the course of your life.

Health Benefits
Donating blood not only helps others but its also good for you! A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that donating blood often can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 88%. Additionally, each time you donate blood your blood is tested for an array of diseases- essentially giving you a mini check up!

The Red Cross usually sets up mobile blood bank clinics at malls, fairs, or other community events. There are also commercial blood banks that accept blood donations year round and distribute it to area hospitals. A donation usually only takes 10 minutes and is easy to fit into a busy schedule.
By donating blood you are not only saving lives but benefiting yourself as well!

Donate to the Red Cross today!


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