Helping The Homeless

In our seemingly ever advancing society it’s hard to believe that 1 in 6 Americans doesn't have enough to eat- but sadly it’s the truth. While many of us are deciding whether or not to get guacamole on our 2 lb Chipotle burrito, homeless people are desperate for food.

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Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Joining forces with an established soup kitchen is an awesome way to help combat this statistic. Providing human resources for preparing, serving, and cleaning up are vital to an efficient soup kitchen! They can be found in nearly every city, and internationally as well.

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Food banks are always in need of assistance as well, even if they don't have an attached kitchen. You can help by soliciting for food, sorting through and cleaning what has already been donated or provide delivery service to get donated items from their source to the soup kitchen. If you have experience, you could even start one yourself!

Find a list of your local soup kitchens and food banks!


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