Hospital Drama

Visiting a child at a hospital, you don’t know, might seem scary and awkward.  However it can actually be rewarding and fun. It can make a huge difference for their recovery as positive interactions create positive emotions. Here’s why:

The Power of Mirror Neurons

Brain research suggests there are a group of brain cells called mirror neurons.  These cells are active when we experience emotions. These neurons get a kick start with positive as well as negative experiences. In short, when you visit a children's hospital and you bring good into their life, the neurons of the sick children will automatically, mirror, the same attitudes, and feelings you have projected. Therefore, by visiting a child in the hospital, you have a chance to bring good mental health and quicker recovery times to children in need. Most communities have a hospital that specializes in children's care, or at the very least a children's wing. Consider combining your visit with other fun activities such as a drama team or musical group. Balloons with helium are always a big hit! This activity is great for a one-time event or monthly outreach. You and those you meet will be sure to feel love. Young people really appreciate visitors who help to break the monotony of hospitalization.

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Where to start: 

  • Call your local children's hospital to talk to them about your idea. 
    • Ask about rules and policies and what the hospital would like from you.
    • Here you can find out about details and permissions. 
  • Talk to your friends about your idea and brainstorm.
  • Begin by scheduling something that is not overwhelming with-in your availability.

Now is your chance to move.

Call your local hospital to get started, or set an appointment on your calendar to do so now!  


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