Moving Neighbors

My earliest memory of moving is when my parents moved us across the city - from a rental to a brand new home! I was much too young to be of any help, but my grandparents and our neighbors really came to our rescue. Before we knew it the move was done and there was no need to drop a couch from an upper story balcony!
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Whether someone is moving across town or across the country, everyone could use a few extra hands at key 
moments in the process. Too often, we hear horror stories of the  mean neighbor next door - start your relationship off on a good note by lending a hand. Here are some ways you can pitch in!
  • Boxes and furniture
  • Whether these are being loaded or unloaded, there are always way too many to be moved by just one family!
  • Final cleaning of the house
  • When you move out, cleaning requirements can be extensive! Bring some cleaning supplies and help with the final sweeping, vacuuming, and surface cleaning. 
  • Child care 
  • Especially if you have kids of your own, bring them over to help keep everyone occupied while the moving is going on! Or, if you are an experienced baby-sitter, offer your services!
  • Lend your truck or car to help with larger items
  • Sometimes moving out makes you realize how much junk you have! Help out by hauling some of these extra items to the dumpster or donation bin!
If your neighbors are elderly, they might need extra help - get more of your community involved by organizing a specific day ahead of time so your neighbors can plan to help!
Remember to follow up if the neighbors are moving in! Keep in mind that adjusting to a new neighborhood can be difficult. Since they probably won't have their kitchen set up for a couple days, extend a dinner invitation! 
Help a neighbor move today!
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