Volunteer For The Humane Society

Most animal shelters are like jail for pets- except they didn’t even do anything! Many cats and dogs are abandoned or unable to be cared for by loving owners. According to the ASPCA, over 6.5 million pets are placed in an animal shelter each year. You can make a difference in these animal’s lives by volunteering at an animal shelter.

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How To Volunteer

Contact your local Humane Society or shelter and explain that you would like to volunteer. Usually, after a short volunteer training, you will be able to help out wherever they need! Make sure to let them know if you have a preference to work with dogs, cats, or other small animals. If you wanted to raise awareness for your local Humane Society and shelters, you could even work with them to have an animal adoption drive in your community. You will be a hero by helping the pets who can’t help themselves.

Find your nearest animal shelter!


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